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We, Kyoei Co.,Ltd., design, manufacture and sell mainly SR Series Thread Rolling Machines for miniature screws, and also other metal working machines.
We sell our products to overseas market as well.

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確Based on our outstanding technology and new idea, we can make screw production very effective.

We, have developed SR series thread rolling machines carefully and theoretically designed to make screw manufacturing smooth and productive. Besides micro thread rolling machines, we also handle other types of machines including Secondary Operation Machines. Taking the advantage of our manufacturing technology, we are expanding our business not only to rebuild and overhaul various types of machines, but also develop tooling & tools and even parts production of other kinds of equipment.


  • SR series thread rolling machines, pursued an ideal thread rolling of screws, are most dependable for miniature screw production, but also the best fit machines for form rolling work from blanks with various shapes and dimensions.
  • SR series thread rolling machines are being used for lead screws that require tolerance of 5 micron or smaller.
  • SR series rollers have been sold in North America, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea and East South Asian countries.
  • SR series thread rolling machines are built very solid, so even 40 years old machine can be converted into the latest machine by overhauling.
  • Based on our performance of development, manufacturing and sales of SR series thread rollers, we are expanding our activities in secondary operation machines and specialized machines.
  • Making the best use of our experience in exporting of SR series thread rollers, we act as an agent of import-export of fastener related machines and also take care of sales, installation and maintenance of imported machinery.


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KYOEI Co., Ltd.

2-23-8 Kosuge, Katsushika-ku TOKYO, JAPAN

Phone: +81-3-3602-3534
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