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We, Kyoei Co.,Ltd., design, manufacture and sell mainly SR Series Thread Rolling Machines for miniature screws, and also other metal working machines.
We sell our products to overseas market as well.

TEL. 03-3602-3534

2-23-8 Kosuge, Katsushika-ku TOKYO, JAPAN



May, 2003
新ダイス取付機構 特許出願
March, 2007
June, 2010
開閉式ドラムホッパー機構 実用新案出願
September, 2011


Technical support & service.

Q. Are parts of old machines still available?

A. Most parts used of old machines are still available. But some parts are no more available as a part, and may have to be replaced as a whole unit.

Q. Is repair of the vari-drive possible?

A. Some years have already been passed since the product was discontinued. Repairing parts are still available, but may take time.

Q. Is it possible to change the vari-drive used in our machine into a inverter?

A. The conversion is possible. We will use the bracket of the vari-drive to place a new motor. Motor pulley, flywheel and motor cover are needed to replace. We will quote and take care of the conversion in a month.

Q. Casting of hopper got a hole and blanks fall down. Is it possible to repair?

A. It could be fixed if the problem is not so serious. Please send the hopper to us. An skilful technician will fix it. We will send it back to you after machining to regain the accuracy. Likewise if bearing of the drum got stuck, we will fix it. First advise us about your problem.


Q. Is the present machine equipped with an inverter for speed control?

A. Current machines have inverter as standard. For jogging, it will convert to magnetic switch and help to restart the machine when the machine got stuck.

Q. Difference between the shank diameter and head diameter is small. Could this part be threaded?

A. Yes, that part can be threaded if the nominal thread diameter and the head diameter are same. For example, M3 screw with head diameter of 3 mm can be done efficiently on standard machine specification.

Q. Length under head is very short. Is it possible to thread?

A. Yes possible even length under head is smaller than that of the screw nominal diameter.

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KYOEI Co., Ltd.

2-23-8 Kosuge, Katsushika-ku TOKYO, JAPAN

TEL. 03-3602-3534
FAX. 03-3690-7455

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